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If you didn’t find your malfunction or are in doubt about the necessary repairs, give us a call and we will help you.


We are confident in our professionals and high-quality spare parts. I CAN FIX wants to deliver complete peace of mind and knows perfectly well that this warranty would make you feel much more assured

We do care

And, as a bonus for each display we have installed, we affix protective film with oil-repellent coating

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We always have a backup action plan, or, indeed, a backup gadget. We shall keep you in touch and offer a courtesy phone while yours is in quarantine.

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We complete 80% of all repairs within less than 30 minutes

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You can pay in cash, by a bank card or I CAN FIX’s gift certificate


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References from our customers

Аватар автора отзыва
Svetlana Melnikova
St. Petersburg
For this or that reason, I replaced my iPhone screens several times. Guys at I CAN FIX are promptest and nicest of all service teams I ever met. While the repairman replaced the screen, they offered delicious mint tea, told about new products and their experience with Macs. From now on, I’m bringing all my devices to these professional and, most importantly, up-to-date and nice team. Love)
Аватар автора отзыва
Igor Belyavsky
St. Petersburg
My thanks to ICF... It was prompt, stylish and with high quality… I’m waiting until I would break something again, and meanwhile refer my friends to these guys… If you come with a broken screen about 2-3 times monthly, they look at you with pity, but still smile and can present some spare parts…
Аватар автора отзыва
Mihail Vasiliev
St. Petersburg
At I CAN FIX they resolved the issue with my iPhone within a couple of hours, having replaced a small glass! Other repair shops proposed to replace the whole case. These guys are prompt, precise and positive. My props!
Аватар автора отзыва
Caroline Greer
Finally a store that lives up to it’s name, that’s relevant to the world we live in today! I CAN FIX – a bold statement, yet a promise that’s been delivered every time I have visited the store. All my problems have been fixed. Outstanding service is given with more than a smile. Every visit to the store is a pleasure as there’s an amazing team in place.
Аватар автора отзыва
Nikolay Fatyanov
St. Petersburg
I would like to say thank you to I Can Fix team for prompt iPhone 5c screen replacement, high-quality spare parts and welcoming atmosphere!
Аватар автора отзыва
Valentin Filatov
St. Petersburg
I visited this repair shop to fix my 5th iPhone screen. The job was done very fast. I left the phone and took a 20-minute walk to DLT. When I was back, everything was ready! And the display is of high quality. There are still no scratches. Thank you very much.
Аватар автора отзыва
Aleksandr Kalukhin
St. Petersburg
I Can Fix team fully meets the high requirements of IT repair service market. They have a nice office in the city center and offer nice service. Everything was very straightforward. I was impressed by attentive individualized approach to my iPhone issue. For the time or repair they offered a courtesy 4th model in perfect condition. Thus, the disturbance caused by non-availability of my own phone was minimized. I wish these guys to hold the same high standards and grow further)

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What is the cost of diagnostics?
We diagnose your devices with the use of precise equipment for free, even if you opt not to repair them.
How to learn current status of my order?
There are two methods to learn your order status: you can use electronic form available via our site, at the upper right-hand corner, or call us at +7 (812) 425-37-65.
Do you offer any warranty?
I CAN FIX Apple repair shop offers 100-day warranty for all jobs, as well as for spare parts installed in the course of repair. The warranty shall ONLY apply to the defect(s) which were repaired and the spare parts which were replaced. The warranty shall be confirmed by a sales receipt and the information saved in the service center database. The warranty shall not extend to the software recovered or installed anew to your device at the service center, because such software can be altered or supplemented by the users on their own.
Is it possible to replace a button with fingerprint scanner (Touch ID) at iPhone 5s, 6 or 6 Plus?
Unfortunately not, because Touch ID is locked to processor and can only be replaced together with motherboard.
What can be the reason for repeated reboots of a phone with 30-60% remaining battery charge?
Most likely, the problem lies with the battery and, possibly, battery replacement shall be needed. However, there can be other reasons for this behavior. A more precise answer can be given after initial diagnostics.
I dropped my iPhone in the bath. What can I do? Should I try to dry it out or bring to your repair shop as soon as possible?
We would not advise to push your luck and try to dry out your device at a hot radiator or place it in containers with cereals. The first thing that should be done with any electronic device upon liquid ingress is to disconnect the battery. If you do not have special tools, this can be problematic with an iPhone, because the battery is hidden inside the case. Thus, it is worthwhile to bring your device to our repair shop in soonest possible time.
Can you carry out a downgrade from iOS 7 to iOS 6 at iPhone 4?
No, we do not offer software downgrade services.
After I dropped my phone, there is a small dent and a scratch. Is it possible to restore original appearance without replacing the case?
It is impossible to restore the original appearance of aluminum case. However, we can smooth out sharp corners and dents from inside.
How can I sell my old iPhone?
We buy out old or broken iOS devices. Please answer a number of questions. Our manager shall call you back and tell how much money can you get.
I have forgotten my iCloud iOS 7 password, and documents supplied with the phone are lost. Is it possible to reset the password?
Unfortunately, we cannot help you with this.
Do you have protective films or shockproof glasses for iPhone 6 and can you help to install them?
Surely, we have films and glasses for all iPhone models. The cost shall depend upon your choice. We shall be glad to affix protective film free of charge.
There are iTunes and cable on the screen, and nothing more can be done. How to help my device to restore operability?
Diagnostics is needed; maybe, it shall be required to restore software.
I have completely forgotten unlocking password to my iPhone. I tried to recall it, entered all possible options, and eventually I was completely blocked. Whether it is possible to change the password without loosing information?
Only provided that earlier you saved a backup copy at your PC. It shall be required to restore the firmware and then load the backup copy. Unfortunately, if you do not have such a copy, it shall not be possible to save the information with the exception of automatically synchronized data.
Can you repair Apple EarPods?
Unfortunately, we do not repair earphones.
Is it possible to replace the iPhone 5 battery with a more powerful one?
We do not have such batteries. All commercially available options are unusable and dangerous for the devices.
Where and how can I learn whether your post-warranty service is applicable in my case?
It is very simple: please call us at +7 (812) 425-37-65 and our manager shall assist you.
I have forgotten my iCloud password. Can this be fixed? The phone was bought legally, not stolen.
You van visit and request password recovery via your e-mail. If your e-mail access is lost as well, you can call Apple Helpdesk. If they would not help you either due to whatever reason, you can bring your phone and documents confirming its purchase to our repair shop, and we shall raise a request to disable activation lock.