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What is the cost of diagnostics?
We diagnose your devices with the use of precise equipment for free, even if you opt not to repair them.
How to learn current status of my order?
There are two methods to learn your order status: you can use electronic form available via our site, at the upper right-hand corner, or call us at +7 (812) 425-37-65.
Do you offer any warranty?
I CAN FIX Apple repair shop offers 100-day warranty for all jobs, as well as for spare parts installed in the course of repair. The warranty shall ONLY apply to the defect(s) which were repaired and the spare parts which were replaced. The warranty shall be confirmed by a sales receipt and the information saved in the service center database. The warranty shall not extend to the software recovered or installed anew to your device at the service center, because such software can be altered or supplemented by the users on their own.
Why is it necessary to clean cooling systems and change thermal grease in a iMac?
In the course of operation iMac’s cooling system accumulates lots of dust particles, which form a dusty film preventing hot air release. Thus, your computer faces a more serious danger when central processor becomes excessively hot.
Is it possible to upgrade my old iMac Pro '15 to make it work much faster?
Yes, sure. Our team can upgrade your iMac to maximize system performance. Most relevant and effective methods to increase iMac performance are to expand RAM and install an extra SSD thus increasing the speed of reading and writing. There are many other extra options to upgrade your computer. However, initial diagnostics shall be needed.
I poured some coffee on my iMac Air. Is it possible to repair it?
Yes, sure. Complete hardware diagnostics shall be required, and then the eventual cost of repair shall be identified. We would not advise to push your luck and try to dry out your device at a hot radiator or place it in containers with cereals. The first thing that should be done with any electronic device upon liquid ingress is to disconnect the battery and do not switch it on again. If you do not have special tools, this can be problematic with an iMac, because the battery is hidden inside the case. Thus, it is worthwhile to bring your device to our repair shop in soonest possible time.
I cannot recall my iMac password. It is possible to reset it without data loss?
Yes, sure, this is a quite safe procedure which does not require much time.